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Supporting New Product Development

We are trialling with a client selling laser tag equipment. The company is at the start of the process that will turn into regular advisory services over the next three months.

Was this a previous client in another business? An existing client of the practice for 15 years.

How did you/they identify that they needed advisory services? They shut one of their business during the pandemic and needed to diversify to keep the Company alive, so the opportunity arose to sell laser tag equipment and to date have had a positive start.

Were you providing other services before? They are an existing client and we provided compliance services such as accounts and tax returns assistance with VAT Returns.

Have they got time limited goals they need help achieving? No time limits, will be a structured plan that we will need to assist them develop.

What is the focus of your support? Our focus will be looking at the current profitability and future profitability, together with the cashflow and growth of the business. Will be a Liveplan advisory client after the trial period.

Supporting New Product Development

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