Price consulting

Getting your ducks in a row and your pricing right

Working with a number of clients in construction, manufacturing and food and hospitality services, we know pricing is tricky to get right – and it can be easily impacted by elements out of your control.

There are so many variables to consider, especially when dealing with suppliers, machinery, leasing – not to mention market competition! And when things seem to be going in the right direction:

  • An unforeseen shortage affects supplier prices
  • A competitor undercuts the market
  • A rise in manufacturers’ prices for materials
  • Perhaps a series of promotional discounts were given to customers
  • Or there may have been pressure on sales prices that caused a reduction in margin

Often the impact of these changes isn’t seen until the year end or, ideally, during a quarterly review of the management accounts, when we might see that your gross profit margin has dropped for a particular month.

As your Business Advisors, we can identify these business impacts sooner rather than later – and guide you back on track.

Something not quite adding up? Need an objective perspective? Give us a call. It’s what we’re here for.


Starting out with your pricing?

Typically, when starting out, businesses under-value what they offer and it can take time to build up reserves to grow the business sustainably.

Growing the business and need to scale-up your pricing?

Profit margins matter, especially when you’re taking things to the next level… Make sure the right factors are considered when adjusting your pricing - across operating costs and potential supplier impacts, plus if you’re considering new markets and new product development…

We can help!

Our effective pricing software can be tailored to your business, your operational costs, your target sales revs & profit margins and guide you to the best pricing for your services – and your business aims.

Need an objective perspective?

Going above and beyond

"Fergusons & Peters have been my trusted accountants for the last few years and their quality of service and professionalism is second to none. They go above and beyond what is expected of them and their advice and guidance has been a massive help both personally and business. I would highly recommend their services to any person or business looking for an accountant."

Rhys Bevan

Just the right amount of support

"After just one month with Fergusons & Peters, I have 12 months’ visibility over by business. F&P provides just the right amount of Financial Directorship to keep my business on track."

mr woods