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Grant Award for a farming client

Recently we helped a farming client win a grant award with National Lottery funding, whereby we provided the forecasting and budgeting for, which was a key element in the success of being awarded funding.

How big was the award? £228k

What was the money earmarked for? Creating jobs and developing a sustainable farming business by building a food processing facility.

How many years of forecasting and budgeting did you need to provide? 5 years, utilising Liveplan as the predominant technology.

What was the aim of the forecasting and budgeting – what did it show the funding providers? The project aim is to create a food processing facility which processes a range of sustainably grown farm produce into high value speciality Welsh foods and to create, over two years, 10 quality, non-seasonal jobs, two indirect jobs and safeguard three others. Project is in Progress.

Grant Award for a farming client

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